Evening at the Williams Center

Evening at the Williams Center

Every year the Easton Branch celebrates art, music, or dance with an Evening at the Williams Center at Lafayette College.

Join branch members as they enjoy what is always a wonderful evening.

Ping Chong + Company

Beyond Sacred Voices: Voices of Muslim Identity
Friday, February 9, 2018 at 8 P.M.

With stark simplicity and a narrative that feels remarkably relevant to the moment, Beyond Sacred stages the personal and complex stories of young Muslim New Yorkers at a time of increasing Islamophobia. Created by Ping Chong + Company, this interview-based theater production illuminates the daily experiences of individuals who reflect a wide range of Muslim identities, yet share the commonality of coming of age after 9/11 and of being the “other” in America. A poignant new work, and “a lesson in human understanding, drawn from real lives” (The New York Times).

See December-January newsletter for registration form.