Let’s Read Math

Let’s Read Math™

Several years ago, summertime meant Let’s Read Math™ lessons at the Easton and Palmer Libraries. Members from our branch would volunteer to work with groups of local children on Let’s Read Math™ lessons.

Just to refresh your memory – “Let’s Read Math™” is an initiative of AAUW.  Dr. Claire Passantino, from the Makefield Area (PA) Branch of AAUW, developed Let’s Read Math units that combined quality children literature books with themes related to mathematics and FUN math activities.  The goal is to build positive attitudes toward math.  Each lesson engages children and their parents in enriching and fun learning opportunities.

Let’s Read Math™ Update

Eight branch members, several community partners (including one scholarship recipient), two libraries, and nine stories helped 50 local children learn that math is fun and has everyday uses.  Let’s Read Math™ had a positive re-introduction this summer.  AAUW Easton Branch partnered with Easton and Palmer Libraries to present nine sessions of Let’s Read Math lessons.  The libraries included LRM in their summer programming. The Branch volunteers planned and taught the lessons.

The children learned geometry concepts from The Greedy Triangle.  Each child had an opportunity to make several shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows. Wanda’s Roses and Math-terpieces taught and reinforced addition and mapping. The participants really enjoyed learning to make tissue paper roses. After Grandfather Tang’s Story, the children made pictures out of tangrams.  The hundreds chart  with mystery letters from The King’s Commissioner motivated all to learn to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  How Big Is A Foot? taught the children the importance of standard measurement through the story.

The children who participated in LRM enjoyed all the stories. They were very motivated to complete the hands-on experiences. After each lesson, several children thanked us for the experience.  Some of the children participated in several different sessions.  All the volunteers enjoyed this opportunity to interact with the children and had very positive experiences.