Presidents’ Pen

From the Presidents’ Pen

It’s All About The Mission

AAUW Members across the country have the same mission –To advance equity for women and girls through research, education and advocacy.  It’s a mouthful that is packed with meaning.  How do we as branch members break this down into action filled steps?

As member, I need very concrete steps support AAUW’s Mission.  The recent Keystoner outlined specific steps that we as local members can implement to support our organization.   Everyone can:

  • Make membership in AAUW your business –  the ongoing growth of our organization is everyone’s responsibility.  You can invite a friend to attend an AAUW event, give a membership to a college graduate or educate others about AAUW.
  • Support AAUW’s critical work through contributions to AAUW Funds – advocacy and research is supported through money raised through the different Funds.  To continue, the Funds need local support.
  • Advocacy to continue to move AAUW’s Public Policy forward – write, phone or meet with your local representatives.  Let them know your stance on critical issues
  • Take the free online AAUW Work Smart salary negotiations course at:  This course is a fantastic resource for women to understand the skills needed to negotiate salary and benefits.  To promote the course, we  need to understand the process.  The only way to be able to discuss this with other women, is to have first hand experience.

We have many interesting, varied and exciting programs planned.  See you there!

Nancy Kinzli and Karol D’Huyvetters