Presidents’ Pen

As I write this, one week after the Mid Term elections, I can’t help but be excited by the increase in the number of women elected to various offices. As Andy Borowitz satirically implied, the caravan of women invading Washington could not be stopped.

It is projected that the most women ever (117) will be represented in Congress.  These women include the first Native American women (Kansas, NM) and the first Muslim women (Michigan, MN) ever elected to Congress, one of whom came to the United States as a Somali refugee two decades ago.

Massachusetts and Connecticut are sending their first African American women to Congress. Maine and South Dakota elected their first female governors and Tennessee and Arizona their first female senators.   A Latina woman will represent Texas in Congress and New Mexico will have a Latina female governor.

Iowa is sending women (two) to Congress for the first time.   Pennsylvania, the most populous state without a woman serving in Congress since 2014, elected 4 women. This includes Susan Wild from our area.

If you had a part in any way, you should be proud.  Let’s keep moving forward to make a difference.

            Come come my friend
wipe the dew off your spectacles
and see that the world is moving.
                    Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Nancy Kinzli, Co-President,
Karol D’Huyvetters, Co-President,