Presidents’ Pen

From the Presidents’ Pen

Long awaited spring time is around the corner.  The flowers will start blooming, there will be buds on the trees and robins will arrive in our yards.  Springtime is considered a time of growing and rebirth.  AAUW is proposing an opportunity for the organization to experience rebirth and growth – to change the bylaws to remove the degree requirement for membership.  AAUW is proposing this change to benefit the organization and help it continue to promote equity for women in education and the workplace.

We all know women that for one reason or another did not obtain a degree but stand right along with us to promote equity for women and girls.  They support pay equity, equity in the workforce and increased opportunities for women.  They should have the equal opportunity to join and experience the benefits that are offered through AAUW.   We need to be inclusive and work with all women together to advance gender equity.  

This is an opportunity that will continue to advance AAUW’s mission.  To allow for open enrollment in AAUW, membership criteria will be in line with its mission of gender equity and empowering all women.  We encourage all members to participate in the Town Hall meeting on March 30.  AAUW has carefully thought out this proposal and has articulated many valid reasons that this change will benefit our organization.  Come, listen and consider the proposal for open enrollment.

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road….Unless you fail to make the turn.”
                                                                                                                     Helen Keller

Nancy Kinzli and Karol D’Huyvetters