Presidents’ Pen

Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.        Christina Baldwin,   One to One (1977)

AAUW Easton Branch is facing hard decisions as we reach the end of the four year term that co-presidents Fran Kennedy and Nancy Butow are serving.  For the past year there has been ongoing talks about merging with the Bethlehem and Allentown AAUW branches.  That decision has ended with merging no longer an option. Bottom line………..The AAUW Easton branch will no longer exist if no one is willing to assume a leadership position.   We can change the way our branch does things – fewer meetings, no fund raising for scholarships, a newsletter once or twice a year through e-mail, –   if we must in order to exist.  Please give careful thought to the future of our branch for the coming year and how you can help.

Fran & Nancy