Presidents’ Pen

From The Presidents’ Pen

Happy February!  I hope this new year has started out well for you.  I have been working to learn the “ins and outs” of this group and I appreciate your patience as I learn.  

Our members have been very busy over the past few weeks making sure the AAUW message is being spread.  The Board met on January 8th to discuss upcoming events and to explore ways to promote the AAUW and its mission.   The program committee has selected the book Elderhood by Louise Aronson for the One Read program this month. The scholarship committee has been working to identify young women deserving of scholarships to assist them in furthering their education. On May 2nd we will be hosting our annual Girls Recognition Night, an event when 7th grade female students from local school districts are recognized for their interest and achievement in STEAM. I urge each of you to attend this event, if you are able, as it is so encouraging to see young women succeeding in STEAM classes.  

Fundraising is difficult for any service organization, and AAUW is no different.  Fundraising is especially important for our group, as it allows us to continue to fund scholarships to deserving young women. Thank you to everyone who donated to our Scholarship Fund at the dinner celebrating Fran Kennedy’s birthday.

As always, there are  many ways for you to become more involved with AAUW, whether it be through joining one of our interest groups, fundraising, or contacting Fran, Kathleen Morgan or me with any ideas you may have to increase our membership.  

As February is Black History month, I will close this President’s Pen with a quote from Maya Angelou which I find inspirational. 

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

Lisa Spitale