Presidents’ Pen

From the Presidents’ Pen

Vote Early and Vote by Mail

Since the 1880’s, AAUW has been fighting to advance equity for women beginning with higher education, fighting to end workplace discrimination, advocating for family leave and child care and fighting for Title IX implementation. The most important thing we can do now is to vote.

 October 19th is your last chance to register to vote and October 27th is the last day to apply for a mail in ballot.  If you voted by mail in the primary and are not sure if you checked the box to receive a mail in ballot for this election, call your township clerk and ask.  Most are very pleasant and can easily look up the information.   

We encourage you to vote by mail.  Everyone is facing concerns about the Coronavirus and there may be long lines due to a shortage of poll workers.   The National Conference of State Legislators, a bipartisan organization, believes that mail in voting is as secure or more secure than traditional methods of voting.

We encourage you to vote early.  Yes, it does take more time to process mail in votes.  The reason for that is that there are more security measures in place.  That is a good thing.

Remember, voting is the ultimate power.  The late Representative John Lewis believed the right to vote was “almost sacred.”   It is also one of our most hard-won rights.  The whole purpose of Democracy is for every person to have her/his say. This is your chance to have your say.    

Nancy Kinzli and Karol D’Huyvetters, Co-Presidents