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Global Warming (Climate Change)
Very High Priority for International Community

 12/12/15 LE BOURGET, France — “With the sudden bang of a gavel Saturday night, representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord that will, for the first time, commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change” (NYT 12/12/15). United Nations diplomats have been working toward this accord for nine years, it requires action in some form from every country, rich or poor.

United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, “This is truly a historic moment. For the first time, we have a truly universal agreement on climate change, one of the most crucial problems on earth.”

If 195 nations agree there is a critical problem with climate change, what will be the reaction of the US under the new president? What are the scientific findings on climate change, what do respected scientists and scientific societies say? Why is there so much controversy in the US when there is virtually no disagreement among the scientific community?

Global Warming – What does the Science Say?
Not the Politics, the Science!
Join us at Palmer Library Saturday, Feb 4, 1:30pm
Free and open to the public

On Saturday February 4, 2017 at 1:30 PM in the Palmer Library, Patricia Bradt, Ph.D (Associate Professor Emerita, Environmental Science, Muhlenberg College) will discuss the science of climate change:







AAUW End of the Year Accomplishments

AAUW has accomplished many important milestones since January 2016 thanks to the support of AAUW members and supporters like yourself. AAUW Action Network supporters in all 50 states sent over 200,000 messages to state and federal legislators in advocating for AAUW issues. We played a key role in achieving six new equal pay laws in California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Utah. We celebrated 44 years of Title IX with Sen. Harry Reid and 714 resource guides were delivered to Title IX coordinators in 29 states. In addition, members organized more than 900 get-out-the-vote events in 46 states and hosted more than 200 Equal Pay Day events nationwide. We also launched the AAUW In the Statehouse newsletter, which to date has 1,767 subscribers. We thank all our members and supporters who helped make these accomplishments possible. We can’t wait to surpass them in 2017!

Everyone enjoyed our Holiday Party!

Many thanks to Joan Kicska for hosting our annual Holiday Party at her lovely home. Everyone who attended the party ate good food, engaged in stimulating conversations and many bought chances to win the poinsettia pictured below. Thank you Janice for all the work you did on this holiday fundraiser.

Annual Holiday Party Rescheduled
Tuesday, December 13th from 4 pm – 7 pm
Home of Joan Kicska

Please join members of the Easton Branch as they celebrate the holidays. It’s always fun with good food, good friends, and interesting conversations. RSVP to Joan and check the newsletter to see what you should bring.


Chameleon Blue Fair Trade Catalogue

Check out the new Chameleon Blue Catalogue. Just in time for the holidays, this is your chance to support fair trade artisans from around the world . Click the link to open the catalogue and enjoy a global shopping experience. chameleon-blue

Email Colleen Kuschke at chameleonbluesales@gmail.com for more information and to place an order.


Global Mamas Sales – Fair Trade,
Empowering Woman, and Holiday Shopping 

Global Mamas handmade fair trade items are available from Fran Kennedy. There are charming batik dresses for girls in sizes 2 – 8, onesies and shirts for babies and kids up to size 8, home decor products including batik aprons, tablecloths, placemats, pot holders, napkins, button baskets, a few women’s blouses, skirts, and dresses, 3 men’s shirts, jewelry and ornaments crafted from recycled glass beads, skin care products and soaps made with shea butter from a tree that grows in Ghana. There are some new items this year. Come, browse, and pick out a special gift for friends, family or yourself.

Supporting Global Mamas helps support women in Ghana as well as supporting sending their children to school at the same time. Ten percent of all proceeds will go to AAUW Easton Branch.

Baby bloomers, girl’s dress size 4, boardwalk blouse in top row, toddler and girls sunset dresses and women’s sunset dresses in bottom rowglobal-mamas-itemsGive Fran a call or contact her through this website at http://easton-pa.aauw.net/contact/  to make an appointment.







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